Meet Felicia Forrest, Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

Meet Felicia Forrest, MSN, ARNP. Felicia brings a varied and skilled nursing background and experience to her aesthetic practice, and is excited to build relationships with her new patients and team at the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez. She loves using creativity and artistry in her practice to enhance her patients’ natural beauty. Her favorite part of her practice? Seeing her patients happy and satisfied!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to the treatment of aesthetic injections.

I’ve been a nurse practitioner for 21 years, working as a nurse midwife and as a women’s health nurse practitioner. For the first nine years of my career, I delivered babies in a variety of settings, and later joined Planned Parenthood and cared for women and men with reproductive health issues. Six years ago, I was ready for a change and was wanting a creative outlet. Aesthetic medicine is a way to use my clinical skills with an artistic aspect—I love to evaluate faces and look at ways to enhance the beauty that is within all of my patients.


How do you work with your patients to achieve their goals and make their experience the best possible?

I believe that listening to patients is the foundation for making their experience the best; it’s important to always listen to, and also educate, patients so that they know what to expect and what they can look forward to. I also focus on results! I want patients to be happy and feel good about the treatments that they have received.

During the initial consultation, I discuss the different treatment options and help client focus on getting the results that will make them happy. All of my patients are unique and have their own needs and desires. I use my assessment technique and my patients’ input to design a treatment plan that will [get] the results they desire.


What’s your favorite part about this work?

The look on my patients’ faces when they see their results! When someone has had an aspect of their face that has bothered them for a long time, and I correct it—it is a wonderful feeling.

I also love the relationships I build with my patients; I have many patients that I have seen for years. Everyone has a life journey and I love being a part of that journey for my patients.


What do you love about being part of the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez?

The team that I work with is the number one thing that I love! We are all committed to making The Medical Spa at Gene Juarez the number one aesthetic medicine practice in the Pacific Northwest. We are a group that shares ideas and a vision, and it is a joy to come to work and see my colleagues on a daily basis.

I also love the energy in each and every Gene Juarez location. The Gene Juarez brand is all about excellence, and it makes for an exciting and dynamic work environment.


Why do you believe in this work?

I believe in the work because I see its transformative power! When people feel their best, they express that to the world. My patients tell me that they have more confidence [because of] the results that I am able to give them.


How do you relax and recharge outside of work?

I like to run and do Crossfit, I enjoy being outside and in nature, and I love spending time with family and my dogs. I enjoy good food and good coffee, whether I have made it or someone else has!

I have a daughter who is a competitive swimmer and water polo player, so I enjoy the meets and matches, and spend a lot of my time outside of work driving to pools throughout the greater Seattle area.

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