Jennifer Weese, BSN, RN

Meet Jennifer Weese, Aesthetic Registered Nurse

Jennifer Weese, BSN, RN

Meet Jennifer Weese, BSN, RN. An honors graduate of Arizona State University’s highly competitive post-baccalaureate BSN program, she found her calling in aesthetics nursing while still in school. She believes in working together with her patients to help them best reach their goals, giving each and every patient her entire attention, focus, and positive energy. Most of all, she loves seeing her patients grow in confidence and feel their best.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what brought you to the treatment of aesthetic injections.
While I was in nursing school, I was seeing an amazing injector for botox treatments. She encouraged me to look into aesthetics nursing. This appealed to me because I love the mixture of science and creativity. I began shadowing her as well as other nurse injectors in the area and I knew this field was for me. After I graduated (from Arizona State University), I began my training in the field of aesthetics nursing. I’ve completed many training courses and worked with several experts in the field, including plastic surgeons and expert nurse injectors. I have worked as an injector for the past four years and am always increasing my knowledge and improving my skills. I am so passionate about my work and find it so rewarding.


How do you make your patient’s experience the best one possible?
I think a patient needs to really be heard. The time that I have reserved for them on my schedule is dedicated solely to them, and I make sure that they know they have my undivided attention.


For you as a provider, what’s the most important part of the initial consultation?
During the initial consultation, it is important to not only address the patient’s concern, but to also perform a full facial evaluation. This guides our treatment plan so we can achieve the best results at each visit. We continually evaluate with each subsequent visit and review our progress using tools such as before and after pictures.


How do you work with your patients to achieve their goals?
I think the key is working WITH your patient. My approach begins with building a trusting relationship with my patient and educating them, so that together, we can make the best decisions about their treatment plan to meet their individual goals.


What’s your favorite part about this work?
I love helping people feel confident and beautiful on the inside as well as the outside! This is so rewarding for me.


What do you love about being part of the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez?
The members of our team are rockstars and I’m so proud to be a part of this group. Everyone supports and encourages each other, which brings out the best in each individual. We all work together cohesively and the energy of the team as a whole is amazing. Gene Juarez is an exciting environment to be a part of, which provides an excellent client experience.


How do you relax and recharge outside of work?
I start my day with a good workout. It’s like my cup of coffee. I get up before anyone else in the house is up and take some time for myself before the day gets going. It clears my head and I feel ready to tackle what the day brings.


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