The Key to Your Best Beauty Results? A Professional Consultation

As we all know, each human face is unique, never forming the exact same way twice. We may resemble others subtly or identically, but our faces all have features that make us who we are. So when you want a beauty treatment to help you look your healthiest and most vibrant, it’s important to know both your unique facial structure and features and, based on those, how your goals can be met.

You may want to soften stress lines with Botox®, give lips a subtle plump with Volbella®, gently lift up sinking areas with Juvéderm®, or reduce stubborn chin fat with Kybella®—and there’s a custom treatment plan just for you.

But how do you know where to go for getting started? When it comes to cosmetic injection treatments, this is when to schedule a professional initial consultation. It’s where you can get the education, information, and expertise from one of our expert providers—Jennifer Weese, RN/MSN, and Felicia Forrest, ARNP—who will work with you on a custom plan to get you your best results.

They listen. Every initial consultation will start off with the provider’s undivided attention for you. Sometimes, explaining the reasons behind our treatment goals can bring up emotions, frustrations and worries. Our providers will listen closely, and work with you to make sure that your goals for your appearance are worked into your treatment plan.

They also educate. Our providers at the Medical Spa at Gene Juarez make sure that no patient goes into their treatment with any uncertainty. They perform a full facial evaluation to study the angles, bone structure, and musculature, working with the patient on how best to enhance your features naturally and beautifully. The evaluation then continues to serve as a baseline to guide the treatment plan and for reviewing progress at each visit.

When it comes to the body and health, they know how essential it is to be able to make a fully informed decision, and they make it their priority to provide the patient with all the details that they need.

“I believe that listening to patients is the foundation for making their experience the best,” says Felicia Forrest. “It’s important to always listen to, and also educate, patients so that they know what to expect and what they can look forward to.”

Jennifer Weese also makes this her first priority. “I think a patient needs to really be heard. I make sure that they know they have my undivided attention,” she says. “My approach begins with building a trusting relationship with my patient and educating them, so that together, we can make the best decisions about their treatment plan to meet their individual goals.”

Finally, they customize. Just like each face, no treatment plan is exactly alike. Each provider works with you on the amount of each product needed and just where exactly is best to place it. You’ll get a treatment just for your face and your goals, and each provider will re-evaluate at every visit to make sure you’re on track.

As Felicia says, “All of my patients are unique and have their own needs and desires. I use my assessment technique and my patients’ input to design a treatment plan that will [get] the results they desire.”

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