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A Message from Felicia Forrest

To all the wonderful patients of The Medical Spa at Gene Juarez—   As you all know we are currently closed through March 31st. This is a preventative measure and the recommended action to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is not as a result of any known exposure of illness of any of our […]

6 Reasons why Botox® cosmetic is so popular~

For more than five years, BOTOX® Cosmetic has been the number one minimally invasive cosmetic procedure in the country. In 2018, more than 7.4 million BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments were performed nationwide. As a non-surgical solution for facial aging that works quickly and effectively, it’s no wonder why BOTOX® Cosmetic is the best-selling treatment of its […]

So you want to have your lips done…

Lip augmentation is one of the hottest aesthetic procedures right now. Before you get your lips done it is important to do your homework. Be sure that you are getting the lips that you want from the right provider! Here are a few things that we recommend before you jump in and go for it! […]

Highlighting Juvederm Voluma-one of our favs!

Aging is about more than wrinkles. Aging includes losing volume from the face. Loss of volume is what can make our face look tired and gaunt. Voluma is truly the miracle filler that can correct this loss of volume. Here are some things you should know about one of our favorite products! * Juvederm Voluma […]

A pre-emptive Botox kit. Vials Two small vials, a cardboard box and a flat yellow circular device.

Preventative botox in your 20’s Q&A

A pre-emptive Botox kit. Vials Two small vials, a cardboard box and a flat yellow circular device.

  Q: Should I get Botox in my 20s?  A: Most patients typically start using Botox at age 30, some even in their mid-20s. It’s possible to benefit from preventative Botox treatments starting as early as 25, but before that, the odds are low that you could have built up enough lines to worry about.”  Q: Is Botox considered preventative?  A: It’s also worth noting that no […]

Your Brightest Face in 2019: A Few Easy Beauty Resolutions

Ready or not, 2019 is happening—and we are here for it. We want you to have your most empowered year yet, with a confidence that comes from looking and feeling your best. How? We’re glad you asked. A new year always gives that fresh-start feeling and aura of new possibilities. When that feeling inevitably wears […]

Give Confidence for Christmas

It’s the holidays, and you know what that means: time for some serious Instagramming. From the party pics (both pre and post) to the annual family photos and snow selfies, there’s so many memories to be made. Why shouldn’t we all make them looking our best and brightest? For both you and your loved ones, […]

Refresh Your Face As Winter Approaches

Winter can be a tough time of the year, especially on your face. Gone is the nourishment of the summer humidity and sun, and in its place are the whipping winds, driving rain, and sub-freezing temperatures. The winter, and especially the holiday season, is also a time for big social gatherings, so it’s common to […]

A photo of a woman's mouth and jaw.

How Kybella Can Help You Reclaim Your Jawline

A photo of a woman's mouth and jaw.

One thing that almost everyone can agree on is how frustrating it is to not see the results of your hard work on your diet and exercise routine. It can be demoralizing when your face and body stay the same even after you substitute steak for salads, and put in mile after mile on the […]

A pre-emptive Botox kit. Vials Two small vials, a cardboard box and a flat yellow circular device.

How Preemptive Botox Treatments Help Hold Off the Aging Process

A pre-emptive Botox kit. Vials Two small vials, a cardboard box and a flat yellow circular device.

When most people think of Botox, they think of people in their 40s and 50s working to reduce the wrinkles and lines that have developed on their face over time. It’s seen as a sort of ‘fountain of youth,’ which helps people who want to reclaim the way their face looked in their younger days. […]

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